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Specialized horticulture arose as a result of increased demand for horticultural goods in highly urbanized areas with dense populations. It has been effectively used for vineyard cultivation in northern Hungary, France, and the Swiss Lake regions.Subsistence farming is low-yielding and does not use irrigation or electricity, both of which are typically unavailable to such farmers. Because practically all of the food grown is consumed by the farmer and his family, almost none is sold for a profit.

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Mechanization of farms resulted in commercial grain cultivation. It is mostly used in places with a low population density and minimal rainfall. Drought and weather tolerant grains are produced in these places, allowing them to thrive in dry environments.

Intensive Subsistence Farming

Intensive subsistence farming is conducted in tropical locations with dense populations and high rainfall. Rice is the most widely produced crop because it can feed and employ a large number of people in each unit area. Farmers employ animal and manual power to carry out farming chores, which is mostly practiced in Southeast Asia. The majority of farmers employ manures to increase their farm’s productivity per unit area.

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