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It is commonly practiced in regions with European colonial influence such as Africa, Asia and Latin America. Colonial governments established most of the plantations in their colonies to supply the European markets with tropical crops.

Also known as tree crop farming, industrialized agriculture or plantation farming, commercial plantations cover large land areas. Even if practiced on a smaller piece of land, the activity has a high commercial value. It involves the cultivation of tropical crops such as tea, rubber, coffee, coconut, cocoa, grapes, apples, spices, oranges, avocado, mangoes and palm oil.

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The process of keeping and grazing livestock on natural pastures is known as nomadic herding. It’s common in arid and semi-arid areas like Saudi Arabia, northern Africa, and northern Eurasia. The method is similar to pastoral farming. Sheep, cattle, camels, goats, donkeys, and horses are among them. The activity is a type of subsistence farming intended to provide food for the household Rudimentary sedentary agriculture, unlike other types of agricultural operations, is a sort of subsistence farming that is done on the same plot of ground year after year.

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